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Balloon Relay Race

A relay race where a balloon must stay wedged between two participants.
How To Play
Team splits into pairs of the same gender. Team must go down, around a cone, and back, twelve times, with a different pair going each time. The two members must side-hug and hold a balloon wedged between them. They may only touch it with their hands if it drops. If it drops, the team must stay where they are until it is wedged back together. Team members may only go a second time if everyone on the team has already gone.
32 Ratings
32 Ratings

what is the point of this game? - (Apr 25, 2013)

my students love it! -dian johnson (Jun 1, 2013)

the point is to build relationships among the students and to build up team building skills. -Redneck_Countrygirl_... (Nov 19, 2014)

There doesn't have to be a point, does there? It's fun. -Nicole (Sep 29, 2015)

My kids love stuff like this. I'm going to change 'how the balloon is wedged' for each trip. Such as, back to back with balloon between. Hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder, ear to ear, nose to nose, finger to finger..etc. -Eddie B (Mar 22, 2017)


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