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Body Body

A murder mystery game which involves walking around in the dark.
Deck of cards
How To Play
All players are given one card. Make sure only two cards are kings. Players do not show their cards to anyone but themselves. Players then put the cards back in a pile. Those that drew the kings know they are the killers - those that did not are civilians.

Players walk around a dark house at night (darker the better). A killer kills people by squeezing their shoulder. The squeezed person then falls to the ground silently and lies there.

When someone comes across a dead body, they yell "Body Body!" and everyone comes to that place and the lights go on.

Everyone then votes to decide who they think the killer is (based on where people were/are in the house). Whoever gets the most votes is eliminated. The dead person and the person voted off both sit in a designated area (the graveyard).

This continues until only the killer(s) are left or the killers are successfully voted off.
48 Ratings
48 Ratings

My group love this game! We meet in an old meat processing building that is very big and very dark. We run around scaring each other. its a blast. -Paul (Jun 23, 2010)

Love this game! My kids ask for it every week! - (Mar 2, 2013)

This game is the hands down favorite, why cause its boys and girls in the dark, screaming. -Danny (May 7, 2013)

Fun for all ages. My college age small group plays this nearly every week. It is even more fun when played in a house that has multiple floors. -David (Jul 7, 2013)

Our group *loves* this game, so we get a good amount of play in the winter. Even in a relatively small building, it's still fun -Jake (Jan 29, 2014)

We play this in our fellowship hall. The kids love it but I call it Sinner Sinner to make it more suitable for church -Dawn (Mar 11, 2014)

it sounds like an awesome game! -Maya (Jun 3, 2014)

We called it murder and the kids can't get enough, but we did have a few incidents of couples finding a private corner and doing things they shouldn't. Just to warn you... -Katie (Oct 19, 2014)

^hahahahahahahaha...God bless em. -Brian (Mar 10, 2015)

My youth group loves this game...we call it Murder in the Dark. -Curly (May 14, 2015)

I introduced this game to my fellow youth peeps and they loved it! Everyone was scared because we play in pitch black darkness! We kinda turned it into a "Survival" game because we didn't really vote anyone off but we guessed and tried to figure out who the muderers were! This is an awesome game and we will definitly play it again.....Alot!! :-) -Katie Plumlee (Aug 23, 2015)

I love this game, even If I didn't get to play it LOL -Ernie+Bert Duo (Feb 24, 2016)

Our group loved it so much, but when we found out there were some kids making out during the game we had to call an end to it. The kids were super disappointed. -Katie (May 22, 2016)


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