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Cereal in the Nose

Players shoot cereal out their nose, seeing who can shoot the farthest
KIX Cereal (or similar)
How To Play
Find cereal consisting of large round spheres (like KIX).

Choose a starting line, have players line up single-file behind it. Give the front player a piece of KIX cereal. They must put it in their nose and give a strong blow out their nose (while plugging their other nostril) to shoot the cereal as far as possible.

Whoever shoots their piece of cereal the furthest wins.

Can be helpful to have two teams compete against each other by having two lines instead of one. (Can have multiple rounds). The team who has the person with the greatest distance is the winner.
15 Ratings
15 Ratings

Every time I've played this game, the teens are grossed out beyond imagination at the prospect of putting Kix up their snoots. Then, though, once they get going, hilarity, laughter, and some of the funniest moments our youth group have ever seen all occur together. I will caution you, though, make sure you have a vacuum on hand for afterwards. Ain't nobody got time cleaning up snot-covered Kix by hand! -Nate (Mar 5, 2013)

This game is hilarious and so much fun. You will be amazed at the distance some youth can get with cereal. We used coco puffs.... it was just the right size. -Sikuku (Aug 1, 2013)

very boring -minnie (Nov 2, 2013)

gross -me (Feb 6, 2014)

another disgustingly awesome game. kids had a blast playing...not so much for clean up though. haha -M@ (Sep 30, 2014)

This game sounds extremely dangerous. Nothing should ever be put in one's nose. The cereal could get inhaled into the lungs by mistake. -a concerned mother (Jun 23, 2015)

pretty gross but creative -samthetech (Jul 8, 2016)


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