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Flip the Cup

Two teams compete against each other - one to flip a cup down, the other up
50 plastic cups
How To Play
The facilitator puts a bunch of cups on their side all over a room. The facilitator then divides the group into two teams. The facilitator tells one team to flip the cup so that it is upright, while the other team wants to flip the cups upsidedown.

Players may not hang on to a cup - they may only touch it to quickly flip it. Players may flip a cup that has already been flipped by the other day.

The facilitator says "go" and players begin flipping cups to match their teams' goal.

After 5 minutes, the facilitator says stop. Each team gets 1 point for a cup matching their team's goal. (Being exact on this count is not nearly as important as just having fun.)

(It is helpful to give a warning that destroyed cups will cost a team 5 points for whoever destroyed it.)
38 Ratings
38 Ratings

I tried it last night with a few new rules. I halved the room and said you couldn't touch the two cups on the same side consecutively. That keep everyone moving. I also kept to it 3 or 4- 1 minute rounds. -Scott (Feb 21, 2013)

This game was a hit with our middle school youth group! -Leanne (Sep 18, 2013)

what are the team's goal(s)? -Walt (Aug 27, 2014)


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