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Scavenger hunt mixed with freeze tag
cheap plastic flash light that easily comes apart and reasembles, large building with many rooms and semi large grounds, best at night with few lights on.
How To Play
All players gather in one room. One or two players volunteer to be the Grogs and take the flashlight and leave the room.

The Grogs open the flashlight and remove batteries and hide them in relatively hard places but still visible.

Once ready, the rest of players emerge and run around trying to find and asseble the flashlight.

The Grogs run around tagging people to delay the flashlight from being put together. Once tagged, players are frozen untill someone unfrozen tags them. If all youth are tagged at same time the Grogs win.
27 Ratings
27 Ratings

How is the game won by the non-Grogs? By assembling the flashlight or by shining the flashlight on the Grogs? -soulfire (Dec 14, 2010)

This is one of our group's favorites. The non-Grogs win the game by shining the flashlight on the grog. We also discovered that an LED bulb holds up better to the abuse, nothing more disappointing than getting the flashlight put together just to discover the bulb has blown! -Andy (Mar 3, 2013)

THIS IS THE.BEST.GAME.EVER. -Taylor (Mar 16, 2013)

My group loves this game. Works great just at dusk. We use both levels of our church. We just add more grogs for the bigger area. The non-grogs win when they shine the flashlight on the grogs. Amazing game that the kids want to play almost every week, when it's dark enough. -Tim (May 23, 2013)

this game is fantastic when the grog really gets into it. haha. we had some dude runnin around like a t-rex tagging kids. it was hilarious! huge hit. -M@ (Sep 30, 2014)

This game is the best!! It brought a lot of team work out in my group because ever player was valuable. We used blocks though that had to be stacked to avoid the light bulb busting. -Haley (Jan 27, 2015)

Our youth group's absolute favorite game, but it has been banned the last few years--very competitive youth made it an injury prone game. We keep trying other games in the dark, but none can replace it:( Our youth still beg and beg to play. -Jeanie (Mar 27, 2017)

Our Youth Group LOVES this game. We play it in a church, and there are fairly big bathrooms. So all of the girls went into the girls bathroom and the boys went to the boys bathroom. While in there, we made our own chant, and to get us hipped up, we where banging on the walls in a certain beat. This game should have at least 20-30 kids. And I wouldn't recommend any kids under the age of 10 years old. -Kirsten (Jan 28, 2018)

Best game ever at my church we have the best spots to hide from grog! ( Think inside the organ) -Nathanael Hetzler (Jan 31, 2018)


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