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Link Tag

Players stand in pairs and become "it" if the current "it" joins their pair
How To Play
All players find a partner and link elbows with them. These pairs spread out around the playing area.

The facilitator selects one pair and within that pair selects one person to be "it" and the other person to be the "chaser".

The "it" person runs around throughout the pairs. The "it" person can, at any time, link up with any pair. If the link person joins a pair, the person on the pair who the "it" member did not link with must separate from the chain and now be "it".

If the "it" person is ever tagged, they become the chaser and the other person becomes the "it". That other person is then free to join a pair, causing another player to split off and be the new "it".

Game lasts until facilitator says it's over.

It can be helpful for the facilitator to watch carefully and manage potentially confusing situations, specifically when the "it" person thinks they have linked up and the "chaser" thinks they have tagged them just before linking (creating two people who think they are "it").
18 Ratings
18 Ratings

For larger groups, multiple "chasers" and "its" can make the game more interesting. -Jon (Jul 28, 2009)

This game can also serve as a get to know you game if the facilitator mandates that pairs ask a certain question to one another. -Jon (Jul 28, 2009)

Played this when i was a kid! I loved it -chuck (Nov 15, 2009)

I have played this before. We called it sweetheart tag though/ -bekah (Jan 14, 2013)

We used to call it Cat and Mouse but we used to sit in pairs on the ground -Paul (Jan 6, 2017)


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