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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Teams break off into groups, taking pictures of things for points.
Digital camera
How To Play
Group divides into teams. Facilitator gives a list of items to each team and sets a time for all the teams to be back at the meeting location. Whoever gets the most pictures (or points, see below) wins.

Some helpful and fun rules are:

1) Team must stay together
2) 50 points deducted for every minute a the team is late in returning - use cell phone time so everyone has the same time
3) Give each team an object they must carry wherever they go and include in each picture - such as a pool noodle, animal costume, etc
4) Give each item a certain number of points - more points for more difficult objects.

Feel free to come up with your own list. If you are looking for ideas, here are some fun items to include:

Team crossing street duckling style (100)
Team forming a human pyramid (100)
Team with yellow car (200)
A $0.50 gas receipt (200)
Team with stued animal (200)
Team on a swing set/pushing swingers (250)
Team walking dog (250)
Team pushing teammate in wheel barrow (250)
Team with sculpture (300)
Team with a manaquin (300)
Teammate playing a video game in store,
team huddled around pointing at screen (300)
Teeter-Totter with 4 teammates on it (300)
Team with a cow (300)
Team with live chicken (350)
Team in elevator (350)
Team by large body of water (350)
Team in a boat (350)
Team doing YMCA in front of YMCA (400)
Team on re truck (400)
Stranger holding paper with your
team name on it (500)
Team hugging a stranger (550)
Team on zamboni (600)
Team member shaking police ocer’s hand (600)
Teammate juggling while strangers applaud (600)
Recreate a disney scene in a public area (600)
Team wearing burger king crowns with
burger king employee also wearing crown (600)
Teammate giving cashier monopoly money (650)
Stranger giving piggy-back-ride to teammate (700)
24 Ratings
24 Ratings

osm.............. :) -abby (Feb 13, 2013)

I enjoyed having them take a picture of 4 strangers doing ymca! Awesome game though -Dan (Feb 4, 2015)


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