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One player tries to guess what is wrong with a group of players
How To Play
Players sit in a circle. One player is selected at the psychologist and that player must leave the room. While psychologist is gone, facilitator asks group to come up with one problem they all have.

Examples include:
- Everyone is afraid of walls
- Everyone thinks they are on the moon
- Everyone believes they are 3 years old
- Everyone is late for a class

The psychologist outside the room can come in whenever the facilitator says. The rest of the players then must subtly act out or have conversations that give hints about what the problem is. The psychologist gets 3 guesses to identify what the problem is.
42 Ratings
42 Ratings

perhaps the real point of this game in some cases is to see if the group can work together to agree on an illness they all have -matthew (Jan 11, 2011)

FUN FUN FUN!! My Trek Group loved this game. It taught them to really think! -Christine (Jan 24, 2013)

My freshmen class liked this -Great game (Feb 13, 2013)

We've always played this more like: "If the person's question begins with a vowel we will always answer in the affirmative" and rules like that. We've never tried doing something like the examples given. Or, all the people wearing jeans will act a certain way and all the people not wearing jeans will act in another way :) -Sarah (Sep 27, 2013)


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