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Taped shapes on the ground students need to gather in when music stops
Masking Tape, Music
How To Play
Have large taped shapes on ground (triangle, square, etc). Have students walk around from shape to shape while music is playing.

While students are walking, stop the music. Students need to quickly get inside a shape. The last few students to make it in a shape are eliminated.

Continue playing until only a few/one student(s) remain.

To make it more competitive, remove shapes between rounds so students have fewer options.
6 Ratings
6 Ratings

my students love this game! however, we don't eliminate the last few people to get in a shape. instead, anyone who touches the ground outside the shape after the music stops is eliminated. every round, a shape is removed, making it harder for the remaining students to all cram into one shape! -Jake (May 26, 2015)


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