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Shuffle your Buns

Players race around a circle of chairs
How To Play
Players start sitting in a circle all facing inward.

One person is selected and stands up in the middle of the circle, leaving one empty chair in the circle.

Person in the middle trys to sit in the empty seat. The people sitting down have to slide to the empty chair to their side.

If the person gets in the seat then whoever was suppose to move now is in the middle.

While playing leader yells switch and the group changes the direction they were moving.

To play as an elimination game have music that when it stops who ever is in the middle is now out.
15 Ratings
15 Ratings

This is an awesome icebreaker or bonding game. I played this on my retreats in high school and now use them with my youth group. -Emma R. (Jan 2, 2013)

Great game with little to no setup. The kids love it and ask for us to play this game. -Jason (May 20, 2014)

We did this for youth group and it was AMAZING. -Sarah (Sep 29, 2015)


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