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Silent Football aka Sir Mayor Sir

A very creative game involving community, rules, and endless possibilities.
How To Play
Players sit in a circle.

The facilitator explains how the game works. The facilitator starts the "football" by tapping on his right or left leg once, twice, or three times. If it's one tap on the right leg, the "football" goes one person to the right. If two, then two people, if three, then three people. Whoever receives the "football" must tap their leg in the same manner to pass the football on. (There is not really a football, it's imaginary - following the taps is what is important.) If a player wishes to pass the football further than 3 people the player must point using their elbow and eye contact at the person they are passing it to.

The facilitator then gives the rules which are as follows:
- No laughing
- No pointing
- Must be aware of the "football" if it comes to you
- May not tap unless you have the "football"
- No talking unless asked to talk

The above provides a framework for the game but it is not what makes the game fun. Here is where it really starts to get good...

The facilitator explains that if anyone sees any other people breaking any of the four rules, that person may raise their hand. The facilitator picks them by saying "Citizen ______". The player raising their hand must address the facilitator by saying "Sir Mayor Sir..." and then give their complaint.

The facilitator/major then facilitates a discussion about the grievance done to the community by this breach in rules. If the person is found to be guilty, the mayor can ask for the citizens thoughts on what an appropriate punishment might be (i.e. sitting in the center of the circle, having to talk in a high/low pitched voice the rest of the game, etc). The creativity of the mayor along with the citizens is what makes this game good.

When the dispute is resolved (or before if the mayor wishes), players return to the game of silent football until another dispute arises.

The game is finished whenever the major wishes. (For this game to work, players should know each other well so that "punishments" are not taken personally and that players are comfortable with one another that they can be silly/creative)
46 Ratings
46 Ratings

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