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Sing Your Heart Out

Groups must think of and sing songs based on a given word.
Paper and Pens
How To Play
Group splits into multiple teams. At least 4 teams are required and ideal team size is 5 - 8 people. The facilitator yells out one word for all the teams to hear. The teams then have 2 minutes to write down all the songs they can think of involving that word. (For instance, if the word is \"love\", the teams may write down \"Can you Feel the Love Tonight\", \"The Barney Song\", \"I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You\". After the 2 minutes are up, all the teams stand up. The facilitator then points at a team that starts and they need to sing at least 6 words from one of their songs, including the selected word in their song. The facilitator then points at the next team and that team must do the same. The facilitator continues doing, cycling through all the teams, until a team either repeats a song or does not have a song to sing. If this happens, the team must sit and the remaining teams continue on. The last team standing wins.
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29 Ratings


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