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Skits in a Bag

Teams must come up with a skit based on a topic and certain props.
A bag containing an assortment of items that could be used as props.
How To Play
Players divide into teams of 4-7 people. The facilitator gives each person 3 props and tells the team they need to develop a skit.

It can be helpful if the facilitator gives some options for the storyline. Things like (worst day ever, treasure hunt, or school dance).

The facilitator should tell the teams they have 20 minutes to be ready to give the skit.

After 20 minutes, everyone gathers around and the teams present their skits in front of the other teams.
23 Ratings
23 Ratings

Let me know what kind of skit ideas have worked well. Anyone had any success in tying skits like this to the theme of a camp retreat or something? -chicorico70@hotmail.... (Jun 9, 2010)


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