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Slap Slap Draw

Combining Rock Paper Scissors with quick thinking and rhythm
How To Play
Two players face one another. They are trying to defeat the other player by playing the correct hand signal at the correct time (similar to rock paper scissors).

The three hand motions are:

1) Reload: Putting hands over shoulders in the shape of a gun.

2) Shoot: Make a shooting motion with hands

3) Safety: Form an X over your heart

The game operates on a rhythm so that players slap their knees twice and then make one of the three actions and then immediately back to the two slaps so that the slaps and the action are all on the same beat. The beat/actions continue until one player defeats the other.

To defeat the other, one player must shoot when the other player reloads. The trick is that a player cannot shoot until he or she reloads in a prior action. Then, once the player shoots, he or she must reload again before he or she can shoot again.

If a player does the safety action, a shot does not impact them. Obviously both players forming a safety or reloading at the same time has no effect. If both players shoot at the same time, both lose.

The important part of the game is maintaining a steady rhythm. An optional way to make it harder is to only have one slap of the knees between actions.

Can be played with larger groups by individuals finding partners and winners going on.
8 Ratings
8 Ratings

really simple and fun to play. -Natalie (Jun 26, 2013)


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