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Sled Roll

One person in sled, others act as rollers under sled to get to finish line
2 or more plastic sleds
How To Play
Players divide into teams (one sled per team).

A start line is chosen and a finish line is chosen.

Players select one person who will be the sled rider.

When the facilitator says go, the team lies down on the ground next to each other and the sled rider puts the sled on top of the bodies on the ground and gets on. Players on the ground then all roll the same direction at the same time to move the sled on top of them. As the people at the back of the line have the sled roll off of them onto the rest of the people, they must stand up and run to the front of the rollers, lie down again, so that the sled can continue covering new ground.

If at any point the sled touches the ground, the team must restart at the start line.

First team to make it to the finish line wins.
8 Ratings
8 Ratings

ouch -leah (Jan 9, 2014)

we would call this mattress surfing and do it with a air mattress -Paul (Jun 16, 2017)


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