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Sock Wars

Players in a confined space try to take off other players' socks
Ensure players are wearing socks
How To Play
Goal is for players to get the socks off other players while keeping their own socks on. Players must stay inside a predefined area.

If a player loses both his/her socks, that player is eliminated. Players may not touch their own socks (may not put their own socks back on or pull up a 1/2 taken off sock). Players may not tackle other players.

The last player with a sock remaining wins.

(Tip: If the game is going too long, eliminate all players who do not have both socks on.)
18 Ratings
18 Ratings

Instead of a sock it should be like a hat, because really.. who would want to touch someone else`s stinky,sweaty, sock:) -Molly B (Jan 8, 2011)

Does sock color matter -tiffany aderhold (Nov 17, 2014)

While crab walking would make this even more hysterical to watch! -Carissa (Nov 11, 2015)


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