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If hit by the ball you get a letter. Once you spell SPUD you're eliminated.
Kickball (or similar)
How To Play
Each person gets a number, starting from 1 and going up.

The person who has the ball throws it straight up in the air and yells one number in the range of the players. The player who corresponds to that number has to get the ball. All the other players scatter as quickly as possible.

As soon as the player who's number was called grabs the ball, they yell "SPUD". At that point everyone has to freeze. The player holding the ball then, from where he or she is standing, tries to throw the ball and hit someone else. If successful, the person hit gets a letter. If someone gets hit 4 times (spells "SPUD"), they are eliminated from the game.
11 Ratings
11 Ratings

lovee the game! very fun and easy to learn!! (: -samm? (Mar 3, 2010)

My Trek group loved this game!! We just played it Friday and they all had a blast! It's soo much fun when you have a big group to play it with. -Christine (Feb 7, 2013)

instead of calling numbers, you can just call names -cat (Apr 17, 2015)


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