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Star Race

Players race around group of people and then into the center of the group.
Object to Capture
How To Play
Players are divided into teams with at least 7 or 8 players per team. Each team forms a line, all coming out at different angles from a central location. The end result should look something like a star. In the center of the star an object is placed on the ground (such as a shoe, ring, etc).

Then, when the facilitator says go, the back person of each line races (in the same direction) completely around the outside of the star of people. When they return to the back of their line, they must weave back and forth between the people in their line, getting to the center of the circle and capturing the object. The team with the player to first complete the run and get to the center of the ring to grab the object wins.
10 Ratings
10 Ratings


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11 to 14
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