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Star Wars

A one-on-one challenge involving hands turn into lightsabers.
How To Play
Players find a partner. The two players each form a gun ("L shape") out of their hand and grab the hand of their partner (index finger is outstretched for each).

When the facilitator says go, each person tries to touch the other person's body with their outstretched index finger.

The winner is whichever person first tags the other.

For larger groups, this game can be played as a round-based elimination game (all the winners play other winners), until there is only one player left.
21 Ratings
21 Ratings

Also called "finger fencing". Can get kind of crazy...especially with older guys... great fun tho! -Erik (Jul 9, 2015)

This game was awesome. We played it so that if you lost, you sat down and if you won, you found another winner, and it kept going until we had only 2 people left in a final battle. The kids loved it! -Danita Hickson (Nov 18, 2015)

i played this once and my friend accidentally flipped me over and i hit my head and could not remember what had happened in the previous ten seconds play it over a soft surface -moose guy (Jul 8, 2016)


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