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Super Ninja Game

A circle game involving ninja moves and quickness.
How To Play
Players form a circle. Each player comes up with their "super ninja move". This move involves a sound and an action. For example, a player making a large forward sweep with their arms and saying "Ka-Pow!" would qualify.

After each person has shared their super ninja move (more than once preferably), the leader explains that there is a hierarchy to the circle. The leader is in the top position, the person left to the leader is in the second to top position, third to the left is third to top, and so on, and the last position is the position to the right of the leader.

The leader then yells out "What time is it?" and everyone else responds by saying "Super Ninja Game". (It does not make grammatical sense. That's okay).

Then the leader presents his super ninja action/sound followed by another player's super ninja action/sound. The player that corresponds to that action then has to give first their super ninja action/sound and then another players. This continues until a player does not respond quick enough or a player messes up in giving the ninja action/sound.

If a player messes up, that player must go to the bottom of the circle (position to the right of the leader). All the players lower than that player move up one. In addition to moving up, they take on the super ninja action/sound corresponding to that new location. Players above the player who got out do not move and so do not take on a different action. If the leader gets out, the leader would go to the lowest spot and everyone would move up and there would be a new leader starting the rounds.
8 Ratings
8 Ratings

This one is a lot of fun. But if all your kids are shy it may take some work to get them to participate. -Paul (Jun 23, 2010)

I like the creative element behind this. Thanks for sharing. -Pastor Bu (Jan 6, 2011)

I like the idea of this game but I think it would only be good for a small group of kids -- (Jan 10, 2013)

This game bombed! Only about 25% of the kids liked it. -Brian (Nov 9, 2017)


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