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The Jumprope Formula

Players must problem solve to figure out how to get throgh the jumprope.
How To Play
Two facilitators stand on either end of a jumprope, swinging it. All of the players are on one side of the jumprope.

The facilitators have previously discussed and selected a formula that players need to follow to get through. Some examples are:

- Players with shoes need to jump twice, players with sandals need to jump once.
- It needs to alternate girl, boy, girl, boy...
- The first person must jump once, the second person twice, the third person three times, etc.

During the game, the facilitators only say "yes" or "no". If the person going across has followed the formula correctly, the facilitator says "yes". If it is incorrect, the facilitator says "no". If the facilitator says no, all of the people who had gotten across successfully must return to the start.

The players win when everyone gets across successfully.

Often this game works best when the facilitators remain quiet and let the players problem solve with one another. It can be useful to, after the game, sit down and ask the players what their most frustrating moments were, what the team did that was not effective, what the team did that was effective, etc.
6 Ratings
6 Ratings

WTH!!! so difficult is there any other folumare -secret agent (Jun 9, 2010)

now challenge that sounds like fun -lola (Jun 10, 2010)

do they need to be holding hands or do they all go separately? -duncan (May 19, 2013)

Would this be awkward for a "developed" girl to participate in? -Matthew (Jan 21, 2015)


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