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Players sit in rows. When row is called, players must race to get a seat.
How To Play
Chairs are set up in rows. Each row should have the same number of chairs and all chairs should be next to each other (no aisles between).

When the game begins, all chairs must be filled, plus one person who does not have a chair. This person stands in the front of all the chairs and yells out a number. The number corresponds to the rows (1 is for row one, 2 for row two...).

The row that is called must all run out of the row on the right side, run around the entire group of chairs, and run back into the same row on the same side they ran out of.

Meanwhile, the person in front who yelled the number is racing around the circle to try and get into one of the now-empty chairs.

The person who does not get a chair becomes the new person to call out a number.

The person in front also has the ability to yell Trainwreck in which case all the rows run around at the same time.
44 Ratings
44 Ratings

Setup isn't very clear -Scott (Nov 30, 2016)


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