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Wink Em

Quick actions in response to a wink
How To Play
Half of the players sit in a circle on chairs.
The other half form a circle outside the chairs, each chair having someone behind it. One chair is empty (while still having someone behind it).

When the game begins, the player standing behind the empty chair has to wink at one of the players sitting down. The player sitting down then must try and quickly stand up and go to the open chair.

The goal of the person standing behind the seat of the person winked at tries to tap the sitting down player on the shoulders before he or she can stand up.

If the player stands up without being tagged, they go to the empty chair and the person behind the now-empty chair is the new person winking. If the player is tagged before they are able to stand up, they must sit back down and the same person who winked before continues to.

A helpful rule is to say that players standing behind chairs must keep their hands above the player's head until it's time to tag. This makes it a bit easier for a player to get up without being tagged.
35 Ratings
35 Ratings

My youth group has played this game and it's really fun. -Abby (Jun 13, 2013)

Our youth loved this game. They were hesitant to start and get into it, the instructions need to be clear! But, once they started playing they had a blast! Great indoor game for any size group. -Brandon (Feb 20, 2014)

Another helpful hint is to have those standing behind the chairs be required to only look at the sitting persons head so they cannot see the "winker" wink at their player. -Cam (Jun 17, 2015)


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