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Zip Bong

An elimination game involving funny noises and not showing one's teeth.
How To Play
Players stand or sit in a circle. One player starts the game by saying "zip". The starting player specifies the direction he or she is sending the zip. The person next to the starting player then says "zip", as does the following player, and so on. When the noise comes to any player, he or she has the option of saying "bong" instead of "zip" which sends the noise back in the opposite direction.

What makes the game interesting is that players are not aloud to show their teeth at any point in the game (regardless of if the noise is at them or not). Players who show their teeth (or say "zip" or "bong" when it's not their turn) are eliminated from the game.
24 Ratings
24 Ratings

We played this game at a youth group we were visiting about a month ago. It got a little bit awkward when the kids realised that you could pass the zip to your friends or you could pass the bong to your friends... Seriously... pass the bong!? THE BONG! Mum: Hey Jimmy what did you do at youth tonight? Jimmy: We played this game where we had to pass the bong around a circle.... Choose a better word then bong. Also dont use more than probable 10 youth in this game... it gets really boring in bigger groups. -Jade (Apr 25, 2013)

really fun and a super easy game to play when you're bored/ -Natalie (Jun 26, 2013)

Great idea, simple and fun! If you don't want to use the word bong, simple- don't use it! say bop! Or cow! or Stapler! -Mufasa (Jul 22, 2013)

Our camp calls it pterodactyl and you have to say pterodactyl or screech to turn it the other way. It's hilarious. -Shae (Jul 22, 2013)

If the word BONG bothers some change it to BOING. -Brenda (Nov 2, 2013)

We've played it with ZOOM and ERK-- The sound of a car driving past is ZOOM and it screeching to a stop and making a u-turn is ERK. Seems better than BONG. -Chris (Mar 9, 2016)


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